Anti-fatigue Mats

Diamond Foam Diamond Foam Plate-style top surface ensures a particularly good gripping surface
Cushion Foot - Black Cushion Foot – Black Black Mat is an all purpose mat which features drainage holes throughout the mat to channel falling liquids.
Diamond Plate Classic Diamond Plate Classic Designed to prevent slips, strains and sprains in the workplace.
Tile Top Mat Tile Top Mat The Tile Top Anti-fatigue Mat is comprised of a smooth marblized vinyl surface with a foam backing, which offers an attractive and easy to clean surface.
Cushion Foot - Solid Cushion Foot – Solid Grease resistant rubber plain surface, unaffected by oils and greases.
Comfy Rib Comfy Rib 2mm thick ribbed very tough, hardwearing, puncture resistant surface
Diamond Plate Gel Mat Diamond Plate Gel Mat Combining anti-fatigue with safety in production areas on assembly lines
Bubble Mat Bubble Mat Bubble Mat Anti-Fatigue Matting addresses issues concerning foot, leg and back fatigue.
Soft 'n Safe Mat Soft ‘n Safe Mat 100% nitrile rubber content mat, offers superior oil and fat resistance.
Safewalk Economy Safewalk Economy Safety feature that reduces the prospect of trips and stumbles.
Heron Air Heron Air The Heron Aire Welded Strip Mat is made as an open grid square profile PVC tubes welded to PVC under-bars which aids anti-fatigue properties. The open grid dissipates spillage and its diamond-tread surface texture on top aids slip resistance. Under-bars are textured to help control mat movement.
Vynagrip Welded Strip Mat Vynagrip Welded Strip Mat Open grid design of solid, square profile, with the PVC rods
Vynalite Tube -  Welded Strip Mat Vynalite Tube – Welded Strip Mat Welded Strip Mat is made from PVC tubes welded into a grid
Soft Foot Soft Foot With greater resilience and dramatically enhanced wear resistance, Soft Foot is an amazing anti-fatigue mat. The gentle-to-the-feet blue foam is covered with a tough pebble-patterned, grey top surface.
S-Mat S-Mat Made from a unique foam plastic composition for superb foot relief
E-Z Step E-Z Step Durable anti-fatigue qualities and increases productivity by ensuring comfort